shocks absorbers

Q:What’s your MOQ?
A: Starts from one set,but the more order quantity, the better price you will get.

Q:Can you develop new items for us and how much the cost?
A:Yes, we could develop new items for you, it is for free, no additional cost, but you need offer samples or drawing, normally it takes around 7-20 days.

Q:What’s the delivery time?
A:Less than 20 sets, 10 days,
   20-50 sets, 20 days
   50-100 sets, 30 days
   100-200 sets, 40 days
   200-500 sets, 50 days

Q:How do you think your offroad shocks quality, comparing with FOX offroad shocks, KING offroad shocks, BP-51 offroad shocks & PROFENDER offroad shocks?
A:If the similar structure, I think the quality should be in the same level, but we’re not as famous as FOX, KING,BP-51 & PROFENDER, but our shocks will be more cost-effective than them.

Q:Which brand oil seal do you use for your shocks?
A:NOK oil seal, the best oil seal in the world, from JAPAN, same as the KYB shock absorbers, which used for all the Japanese cars, such as TOYOTA, HONDA etc.

Q:Which diameter shocks can you offer?
A:2.25/2.5/3.0 inches diameters are all available.

Q:Which brand shocks oil do you use and how many degree will get frozen?
A:German FUCHS shocks oil, -53 degrees still not get frozen, if you need, we can send you the testing video.

Q:What’s the NITROGEN pressure inside of the shocks?
A:Minimum 1.3 MPA, Minimum 0.6 MPA, we normally charge 0.7-0.8MPA,we will not charge too much, otherwise shocks will get too hard.

Q:What’s the difference between OEM shocks and offroad shocks?
A:OEM shocks normally twin tubes design, small cylinder and piston, less shocks oil, unadjustable, for pavement road driving only.
Offroad shocks normally mono tubes design, big cylinder and piston, with additional subtank, more shocks oil, compression/rebound/high-low speed adjustable,for offroad driving

Q:How many kind of adjustment of your shocks?
A:Compression adjust, 8/12 steps
    Rebound adjust 6 steps
    High-low speed adjust